Dramatis Personae

Cast of Characters

Zeth Tuo-vin (deceased): Male samsaran oracle (Reincarnated Oracle)

  • Mystery: Time
  • Curse: Tongues

Telthys (cohort of Zeth): Male human (Varisian) paladin of Sarenrae

N’Tisi: Female human fighter

  • Two-weapon fighting tree with dual rapiers

Chug (cohort of N’Tisi): Male ogre fighter

  • Based on “ogre fighter 5” NPC stats in chapter 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre.
  • Created custom class “humanoid” using Yet Another Pathfinder Character Generator, as well as custom race “ogre.” Chug thus began as a “humanoid 4/ fighter 5” and advanced in class levels of fighter.

Rhiannon Myrseth: Female human (Varisian) witch (synergist, VMC-druid)

  • Patron: Portents
  • Familiar: Rualyn, female lyrakien azata
  • Familiar (former): Lumi, female compsognathus dinosaur
  • Animal Companion: Shadowmist, stallion
  • Pet: Bo, male donkey

Te’Rhellenar (retired): Male elf magus

Pavo (GMPC, retired): Male human rogue/ Pathfinder Delver

Shadfrar (aka Helix): Male human (Shoanti) rogue (bandit)

Shalelu Andosana: Female elf fighter/ranger

  • When Te’Rhellenar’s player left the group, a new player joined and was given Shalelu’s starting NPC statblock, and advanced in class levels primarily as a ranger
  • Hunter’s Bond: Companions
  • Favored Enemies: Goblins, Giants
  • Favored Terrains: Forest, Mountains/Hills

Mateo Fabrizzio Nun~ez: Male human wizard (evoker)

  • Arcane Bond (original): Ring
  • Arcane Bond (familiar): Gilbert P. Tarroxian, male awakened monkey

(Gilbert was rescued from the Mithral Mage Ordikon’s menagerie in the Vaults of Greed in Runeforge. I thought saving a bunch of animals from cages and then hauling them around Runeforge while the PCs hunted for a way out of the demiplane would be boring, and so decided to use the druid spell awaken to make the cat and the monkey sentient. On the 3d6 roll for Intelligence, I rolled a 17 for Gilbert, who I then crafted as an erudtie and well-spoken creature who falsely believes he is a polymorphed human professor from a prestigious Thassilonian university pre-dating Earthfall.

By contrast I rolled a 7 for the cat, who (also falsely) believes he is a semi-divine Sphinx, who chose the name Sphinx Comma Tee, aka The Sphinx. Despite the word Comma in his name, Sphinx Comma Tee is not literate. Being a cat, he doesn’t really care.)

Dramatis Personae

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